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Robocopy - Richcopy won't work

I recently tried out richcopy - it's basically a GUI for robocopy written by a guy from Microsoft.

The program interface looks simple enough - but I couldnt' get it to work on Windows 10. So I'm making myself a cheatsheet so I can just paste to the command line.

For those newbies out there - if you want to access the command line in windows - go to Start menu - type cmd and then be sure to run as administrator.


Once there - you can use robocopy which is built into windows. If you don't have it on your machine - you can google it and install it.

The basics of Robocopy is to transfer files - but what's nice is you can copy a file without changing the creation date which it typical on a copy as you are technically creating a new file from the other.

Here's a command that worked perfect for me:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>robocopy E:\DCIM C:\Users\Shad\Desktop\3-5-2018-dump /COPY:DAT /DCOPY:T /mir /eta /tee

To break it down - 

robocopy - here you're calling the program to execute

E:\DCIM - (source directory - or where I want to copy from)

C:\Users\Shad\Desktop\3-5-2018-dump - (destination directory - or where I want to copy to)

/COPY:DAT - what you want to do - i.e copy data

/DCOPY:T - COPY Directory Timestamps. (this one was important as I was copying from my android to my pc. If you just move from within window  - your creation dates remain in tact.

/mir - MIRror a directory tree (equivalent to /E plus /PURGE).

/eta - estimated completion time

/tee - output to a console window


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